$1.25b built a 750-bed hospital

I was head of a school in the Health Faculty at Griffith University when the new Gold Coast University Hospital was built in the middle of last decade and had the good fortune to be in a group tour of the facilities (radiation bunkers to the helipad) prior to opening.

The budget for the 750 bed hospital was $1.25b, and included the Education Wing (in the foreground), an adjacent mental health facility, and two parking buildings.

I wonder if whomever was planning or designing the new Dunedin Hospital visited such a facility?

There are so many innovations in terms of theatres, wards, facilities, and services - it was mind-boggling the thought that had gone into its design and construction.

If they had, Dunedin and the south of the South Island would be so well-served for future generations.

Do it properly and do it once, and we could have a facility similar to this. What a wasted opportunity.