Drone training comes to Dunedin

By popular demand Aviation Safety Management Systems Ltd is returning to Dunedin on the 26th to 28th August 2019 to offer their UAS Pilot Certificate Course.

Come and learn with industry experts in drone certification, training, and operations.

Do you want to:

• Fly your drone within 4km of an aerodrome?
• Fly for a Part 102 certificated operator?
• Understand your responsibilities as a commercial drone operator?
• Apply agrichemicals with a drone?
• Do you require a flight test only?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then our UAS Pilot Certificate course is for you!
Under the Health and Safety legislation all employers have the obligation to ensure that their workers are trained for the job that they are undertaking. The UAS Pilot Certificate will meet this obligation.

Our UAS courses meet the legal requirement for drone pilots flying within 4km of an aerodrome to hold an approved pilot qualification. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of airspace, operations near aerodromes, and other requirements of the Part 101 operating rules.

Some commercial operations can be conducted under the default Part 101 rules, while others require certification under Part 102. This course will provide you with the detailed knowledge of what is possible under Part 101 and when certification is required to conduct your operations. You will learn about the restrictions that Part 101 places on flying over people and property on the ground, and the scope for broader privileges under Part 102.

The UAS Pilot Certificate is essential if you have already decided that you need Part 102 certification or want to fly for an organisation that holds Part 102 certification. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requires that all pilots flying for such organisations have completed a pilot course like this.

If you are considering using a drone for agricultural spraying, you will need to complete both this course and our new UAV Agricultural Rating. Agricultural spraying with a drone requires Part 102 certification, so the pilot will need to have completed the UAS Pilot Certificate. The UAV Agricultural Rating then provides specific training on the safe application of agrichemicals.

Warrick Funnell, an agricultural drone pilot, says “the process has been both enjoyable and helpful. All credit to ASMS for pioneering what will become the benchmark for agricultural drone pilots going forward.”

Aviation Safety Management Systems Ltd is a Part 141 Certificated Aviation Training Organisation. We have specific approval to conduct flight crew training and assess operational competency for unmanned aircraft operations.

Contact us for any UAS related query, or course booking on: enquiries@asms.co.nz

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