New Zealand's first family friendly Zombie Run

Green Island School has planned a zombie themed fun run for their bottom field this Saturday, November 4.

It is the first of many Zombie Reruns and sits alongside a themed Zombie village called Zombie Green.

The school hopes to grow the event to be something they are known for and a really enjoyable way for families to speak with children about the role of fear in their life.

It is a chance to feel the emotion, know that they are safe in a pretend game and make choices about what they do and how they work through the obstacles until the fear feels more comfortable and the children are feeling more excited to navigate another challenge.

The zombies are well trained and very respectful Year 7 and 8 students of the school who have designed and built the obstacles and props which create the course.

The students have been working on these real life projects since July and have constructed, tested, adjusted and improved the design of a 30 metre waterslide down the large hill in their school field. An irrigation system the students built sprays the slide and participant to decontaminate the runners before the finish line.

Gravity Events will be on site to create a 'toxic waste' foam party. There is a caution tape maze, a spider infested science lab, creepy graveyard and tyre run to navigate. Every participant will be sent the Green Island Zombie Origin Story so they can really enjoy the whole experience of being inside a zombie narrative.

Buying a ticket to the event from Eventbrite ticketing site allows the participants and any spectators they would like to bring into the village.

They can interact in the immersive experience for at least 45 minutes while their spectators cheer them on as they run, dance and hide from zombies.

This is a presales only event, no tickets will be available to buy on the day and ticket sales end on Friday November 3rd at 5pm. Everyone is encouraged to dress up avoiding anything that could damage the slide (such as fairy wings, metal zips or domes). Spectators that can not find anyone brave enough to face the zombies can enter with a koha (donation) to the school.

The event was created by the Board of Trustees to meet several outcomes, one of these was to ensure the schools values as an Enviroschool were maintained.

The students have constructed many of the props and obstacles from repurposed materials from the local dump, recycling material and have ensured anything new will be used for years and years to come.

Not a single piece of rubbish was thrown out, soft plastic recycling form the sides of the massive slide and pool in the decontamination area.