NYE goal-setting and vision board workshop

Facilitator Kyla Tustin. Photos supplied
Facilitator Kyla Tustin. Photos supplied
Event organiser Annekarien van de Velde
Event organiser Annekarien van de Velde
Queenstown get ready for an inspiring 2018!

Every year, tourism in Queenstown is on the rise as adventure seekers and trailblazers set their intentions to find the most idyllic place to travel. Our town offers them the space to connect with nature, elevate their

adrenaline, and set their spirit free as they take in the surroundings, indulge in extreme activities and dive into delicious foods and flavors while exploring our beautiful town.

Because of Queenstown’s special nature, there is no better place to look back on the past year and learn from our experiences, the mistakes, the misfortune, the goodness and the blessings and to set new goals and intentions for 2018. But did you know that 85% of the goals and intentions people set at NYE fail? That is a lot of loss of both personal potential and business/tourism opportunities in one year! What if … as a community we inspired our locals and visitors to “Reach for the Sky” and not only dream but also make 2018 their greatest year yet!

New Zealand born Kyla Tustin, who currently resides between New York and Sydney, is traveling home to Queenstown. Kyla has taken many leaps of faith in her own life, including spending a year working on a bungy jump in Greece and then quitting her successful investment banking career to follow her passion of becoming a Corporate Soul Coach and awakening people and businesses to the creative potential that lies within. In the meantime, Kyla has over a decade of international coaching, consulting and facilitating experience. She has been featured and quoted in Prevention Magazine, Good Health and Cosmopolitan.

Kyla believes passionately in creating business and life successes by empowering, motivating and inspiring people from within and she is excited to share her wisdom with locals and visitors in Queenstown. Kyla teamed up with Queenstown based event organizer Annekarien van de Velde to create a Goal Setting & Vision Board Workshop at Skyline. The workshop takes place on 31 December between 10 am – 5 pm so attendees will dive into 2018 with clarity on their goals and the tools to manifest them. The workshop includes vision boarding and visualisation and will be an uplifting and inspiring event.

If you are ready to set your goals for 2018 and realize them: tickets can be bought at: www.eventsqueenstown.nz.

Return Gondola ticket, catering & vision board materials are included.

Cheers to the manifestation of your dreams in 2018!

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