Sea lion spends quality time with Mum

Photo: Fraser Goldsmith
Photo: Fraser Goldsmith
Sometimes you just need mum - even if she is the silent type.

A sea lion cow at St Clair beach decided to spend this morning communing with the likeness of the famous sea lion "Mum" and her pup.

St Clair resident Fraser Goldsmith was walking the family dogs at the beach when snapped this photo of the tagged cow having a lie-down beside the life-sized statute.

"I guess she was missing her family.

"The odd person was walking past not realising she was not part of the statue, which is easy to do.  She seemed unperturbed."

The statue dedicated to Mum was unveiled at St Clair Esplanade in 2015.

Mum was the first sea lion in 150 years to give birth on the mainland.

It's possible the sea lion is Moana, in which case she is Mum's great-granddaughter.

The heavily pregnant Moana was seen earlier this month spending time near the statue.