Traffic flow in Mosgiel

We have recently returned to Mosgiel to retire. I am astounded with the traffic flows along Gordon Road.

I know it is still classified as State Highway 87 but that is no reason why the heavy trucks continue to use this Main Street in Mosgiel. It will be too late when someone is badly injured or is killed.

The solution is very simple. There are lots of options. Firstly the road coming off the Middlemarch road could be used to get trucks to Dunedin or Main South Road. It runs straight to the Main South Road. Another option is for trucks to use Dukes Road to the Industrial areas around the old airport areas. I also understand that Riccarton Road and Taggart Alexander Drive have been considered in the past.

These options are obvious and should be considered. Taggart Alexander Drive is quite obvious to consider because of the potential width of the road.

So the options are available so the Community should seriously consider banning heavy traffic/trucks off Gordon Road. It is not an excuse to say the road is still a Highway so we must protect the citizens of Mosgiel and move forward with progress.

Mosgiel has grown so much over recent years but some aspects of the town have not moved with the times. Come on let’s make Mosgiel much safer please.

 - Brian Peat

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