Dominion radium supply

John P. Walls, the newly-elected mayor of Mosgiel. — Otago Witness, 4.12.1923
John P. Walls, the newly-elected mayor of Mosgiel. — Otago Witness, 4.12.1923
Dr Wilson, superintendent of the Wellington Hospital, who recently returned from a visit to America, in his report to the Hospital Board states that if radium is introduced into New Zealand and used indiscriminately much harm would result.
He suggests that it should he used in conjunction with X-rays and by the same specialist. His advice is that no radium salt should be obtained unless put up in needles, plaques, and containers in suitable doses, the aim being to obtain .5 of a gramme, although much good work could bo done with .25 of a gramme. His opinion is that each main centre in the dominion should have its own supply of radium, and in addition there should be an emanation depot which could augment the supply if required.

No going back
The motorist, who tells the story looks at the incident from the humorous point of view, but it has quite another aspect. The motorist was driving in Roslyn when he heard the loud and insistent tooting of a car which was coming out of a private garage. He wondered what all the fuss was about, but drove on and shortly after reached his destination. Immediately after a motor-car dashed round the corner. The female driver was like Jehu, the Son of Nimshi. She drove furiously. Her car hit the kerbstone, mounted the footpath, missed a concrete wall by inches, and finished up with a nose-dive into a tree growing on the sidewalk. The woman was not to be stopped by a tree. She raced her engine and tried to push on. The watching motorist, thought it time to proffer help. He suggested to the woman that instead of trying to go over the tree she might put in the reverse and back out. The woman frankly admitted that she did not know how to work the reverse. The male driver got into the car, backed it out, and advised the woman to take her car back home. The woman agreed that it was sound advice, and started off down the hill. Her rescuer, so to speak, drove along the same route shortly after, and discovered that the woman had executed another little stunt. She had run into a motor-lorry, broken its front wheel and bent its axle. 

A small ode on mixed bathing
In order to encourage the practice of family bathing at the tepid baths, the General Committee of the City Council reports that it has been decided to abolish the present “mixed bathing hours’’ and to institute in lieu thereof “family bathing nights,’' which will be open to families and also to males over the age of 14 years, provided they are accompanied by a lady. On the “family nights” no one under the age of 14 years will be admitted unless in the company of a parent. The custodian has, also been given authority to exercise his discretion in the matter of regulating the admission of persons desiring to use the baths on the “family bathing nights.”

Petrol v steam
The inroads which motor vehicles are making into the business of the Railway Department in the carriage of goods from the country to the towns is being further demonstrated at the present time, when the new season's wool is reaching Dunedin in readiness for the first sale to be held on December 21. A heavy motor-lorry reached Dunedin during the week from Pukeawa, Clutha district, with 23 bales of wool, and it is understood that it will continue to bring in wool from the southern district. The lorry takes a return loading of petrol.

Extension not granted
A request has been received to extend the date of receiving entries for the Otago Show until after the date of the Oamaru Show, and whilst the committee is anxious to meet exhibitors as far as possible  it regrets that it cannot comply with the request. Telegrams have also been received from some of our northern breeders asking if entries would be accepted if posted on Saturday. The whole question was carefully considered by the executive, which decided to extend the date of receiving entries until 11am on Tuesday next. Beyond that date it could not be extended and issue a catalogue in time for the class stewards to carry out their duties. — ODT, 17.11.1923