OBHS defeats northern rival

Otago Boys' High School senior rugby team (left) defeated Waitaki Boys' High School seniors by 28...
Otago Boys' High School senior rugby team (left) defeated Waitaki Boys' High School seniors by 28 points to 8. — Otago Witness, 26.7.1921
The annual football match between the Otago and Waitaki boys' high schools was played at Carisbrook yesterday afternoon in beautiful weather and before a large and highly enthusiastic attendance numbering close on 4000 persons.

As is usual at these matches the stand was packed with the supporters of each school, those of the local team naturally predominating, and war-cries and school songs issued forth with all the vigour of youthful lungs, and a comparative lack of harmony.  The game itself resulted in a somewhat easy victory for the local team, the Otago High School forwards, although the lighter pack, more than holding their own, while the backs showed greater speed and combination in attack. Otago Boys’ High School 28 points; Waitaki Boys' High School 8 points. Mr R. McKenzie was referee.

Clutha River dredging sought

Members of the Clutha River Board waited on the Hon W. Nosworthy (Minister of Agriculture) at Balclutha yesterday with regard to the silting up of the river. They pointed out that the river steamer service to Clydevale and Tuapeka Mouth was seriously handicapped, while there was a danger of it being completely interrupted. The Minister was told that as the result of the sludge from the dredging of many years past the river had become choked. The Government had refused to declare it a sludge channel, thereby preventing the River Board or the settlers having a remedy. The Clydevale district was one of the finest wheat growing districts in the dominion, but it would not pay to produce wheat if it had to be carted out by road. A railway had been promised many years ago, but there was no prospect of that work being put in hand — at any rate for some years. It was suggested to the Minister that the money spent to make the river navigable would be only equal to a mile or two of railway. It would be money well and profitably spent. The district served by the steamers consisted of 189,000 acres of first class agricultural land. The Minister said that the matter had been brought before him by the settlers at Tuapeka Mouth and he fully appreciated the position. There was no money to spend on a railway at present, but the waterway provided an excellent method of transport and the difficulties did not appear to be insurmountable. He would bring the matter before the Minister of Public Works and the other members of the Cabinet, and he would do the best he could to have something done.

Dunback war memorial debt-free

A concert was held in the Coronation Hall, Dunback, to extinguish the debt incurred by the residents in erecting a memorial to the soldiers who saw service in the Great War. The programme was carried out entirely by a Palmerston party of singers, organised by Mr Adams of that town, and the various items were received with much enthusiasm. Mrs Adams, Mrs Smith, Miss Barry, Miss Hurndell, Messrs Adams, Diach, Hayes, Whittlestone, Benston, and Master Adams contributed to the programme.

Towards the close of the entertainment the chairman of the local committee (Mr R. McIntosh) intimated that the amount collected was still a few pounds short of the amount necessary, but that the Hon E.H. Clark MLC had offered to give a cheque for the balance, and thus clear the debt. — ODT, 15.7.1921.


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