Perfect conditions for curling

A scene in the upper Owaka Valley.
A scene in the upper Owaka Valley.
All the able-bodied men within miles of the curling pond are on the ice from day-break to dark: and the "roarin' " game is in full swing on the ice all day, and by the fireside all night.

The weather is perfect for curling, with bright sun, calm all day, and keen frost at night.

Milk and water in bedrooms are all solid ice in the morning.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all keen curlers will be at St.

Bathans contesting at the bonspiel for the trophies, and especially for the honour of being champion for this season.

The road to St. Bathans is in first-class order, and those who have never witnessed a bonspiel should make an effort to be at St. Bathans this week.

There are plenty of spare stones at Oturehua for visitors, and the pond is within 100yds of the railway station and hotel, so that no time need be lost walking to the ice.

The train arrives at 2 p.m., giving nearly four hours on the ice the same day, and the train does not leave for Dunedin until 11.30 a.m.

There was a good attendance - principally ladies - at the twenty-third annual meeting of the St.

Vincent de Paul Society in St. Joseph's Schoolroom last evening. In formally moving the adoption of the annual report and balance sheet, Father Coffey stated that the St.

Vincent de Paul Society had now been in existence here for a very considerable number of years, and its work had always been done in a quiet and unostentatious manner; indeed, a great many people in Dunedin hardly knew of the existence of such a society.

For years it was composed entirely of the ladies of the congregation, but for the last couple of years they had started a men's society.

The work had been very extensive - seeing that children were well brought up and placed in proper homes; in homes where poverty reigned; and amongst fallen girls, who were taken away by members of the society from their bad surroundings and placed in homes, where they would be looked after and given a chance to redeem themselves.



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