Community board agrees on Brittany Cove option

Emotions boiled over at yesterday's Cromwell Community Board meeting following talks about the Brittany Cove section of a new cycle trail.

A member of the public narrowly avoided being evicted by chairman

Neil Gillespie
Neil Gillespie
Neil Gillespie following their attempt to voice concerns about the Central Otago Queenstown Trail Network Trust's request to construct a trail over Brittany Cove land.

An option for a proposed trail on council reserve land around Brittany Cove, near Pisa Moorings, with the addition of signage and speed-calming devices was approved at the meeting by the board.

Several Pisa Moorings residents have forwarded concerns to the board about plans for the trail, due to the mixed recreational use around the lake foreshore.

Mr Gillespie said a harbourmaster report had been received which raised similar concerns.

A deputation of Brittany Cove residents made a presentation at a board meeting in March. Some interjected during subsequent discussions.

Again, a resident asked to comment following the discussion between board members yesterday.

When Mr Gillespie refused, the resident persisted with his inquiries. The resident was told to sit down or leave by an ''unimpressed'' Mr Gillespie.

Members of the public are unable to make comments during community board meetings.

Mr Gillespie later said resident concerns would be an ongoing consideration for Central Otago District Council parks and recreation manager Gordon Bailey.

''In conjunction with the input from those residents and the Central Otago Queenstown Trails Network Trust, he will determine where the track goes.''

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