Fresh banners issue flagged

How might the community express the Teviot Valley’s identity within Central Otago in the form of new street banners in Roxburgh and how might it fund them?

Those were questions posed to the Teviot Valley Community Board at a meeting in Roxburgh on Thursday.

Members agreed to look at how to provide new street banners for Roxburgh’s main street — Scotland St.

Presenting her report, Central Otago District Council community and engagement manager Paula Penno told board members the two-year to three-year lifespan of street banners needed to be considered.

A citizen had spoken at the board’s public forum in March expressing unhappiness with the design and condition of Roxburgh’s street banners and proposed a community-led project to design and install new banners that reflected the fruit and produce grown in the area, Ms Penno said in her report.

They proposed the banners be bold and promote the region, so people passing through the town would have a positive and lasting memory of Roxburgh.

Options included using banners designed through the Central Otago regional identity programme, community-led design, specific event banners, banners promoting local services and organisations, and banners promoting commercial entities (those would need greater consideration by the board).

The board budgeted $1500 for banner replacement in the 2024-25 financial year and $1500 in the 2028-29 financial year.

That funding would barely cover 11 banners, Ms Penno said.

Council estimates showed 11 banners could be produced for around $136 each but if more were made per batch savings could be achieved.

Ninety banners would cost about $85 each.