Residential rates may rise 13%

Some Alexandra residents may face a rates hike of 13% as part of a total 9.4% increase across the Vincent Ward area.

The rates increases were presented during discussion of the the 2020-21 draft annual plan budget at a meeting of the Vincent Community Board yesterday.

The figures are representative of large gains in the capital value of residential property and also demonstrate a widening gap between town and country.

While some Alexandra residents could face an up to 13% increase, equating to about $310 more on rates for the previous year, residents of Clyde and Omakau could pay 14% more, or about $267 and $324 extra respectively.

Rural properties, on the other hand, might have their rates bill decrease by up to 33%, due to a large drop in the general rate, which is based on land value. Land value for farms across the ward had not increased since 2016.

The reasons for the rates hikes were increased costs for water, wastewater, and waste minimisation.

The board accepted the draft budget and recommended it to the Central Otago District Council for inclusion in its 2020-21 draft annual plan.

Board chairman Martin McPherson said some Alexandra residents would face a 13% increase but not all.

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