Troublemakers not heeding warning

Simon Paget
Simon Paget
Patrons causing trouble at bars and licensed restaurants in and around Cromwell will just have to ''learn the hard way'' if they ignore the warning about the consequences of bad behaviour, Cromwell police head Sergeant Simon Paget said yesterday.

Last week, he announced a new joint initiative by police and licensees.

Under the scheme, patrons displaying aggressive or violent behaviour face a blanket ban and being trespassed for up to two years from nearly all licensed premises in the area.

At the weekend, police attended three separate incidents at Cromwell hotels and Sgt Paget said those involved could ''lose the privilege of socialising in Cromwell's bars and hotels''.

''Both the licensees and police are concerned that the message does not seem to be getting through to people that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated. I guess some folk just have to learn the hard way.''

Sgt Paget said a 31-year-old Tarras man was arrested on Friday for an alleged assault on another man in the Golden Gate Lodge and would appear in the Alexandra District Court on March 6 to face a charge of assault.

The following day, a 28-year-old Cromwell man was refused service at The Brew House because he was intoxicated and refused to leave the premises. He will appear in court on March 6 to face trespass, disorderly behaviour and resisting arrest charges, Sgt Paget said.

Police were also investigating an incident involving two women, which took place in the Golden Gate. One of the women was hit on the head with a glass. She received minor injuries but did not need medical attention, he said.

Sgt Paget praised the role taken by the various bar staff, managers and owners in dealing with ''these unsavoury incidents''.

About eight or 10 licensees are involved in the joint initiative. A 51-year-old Cromwell man, recently convicted for an assault in a Cromwell hotel, was the first person to receive the blanket ban.

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