Competition hoped to inspire joy of painting

Teschemakers Resort owners Renee Chong and Vincent Teoh dress up for the Oamaru Heritage...
Teschemakers Resort owners Renee Chong and Vincent Teoh dress up for the Oamaru Heritage Celebrations inside the manor’s chapel. PHOTO: WYATT RYDER
Before our evenings were spent with the television buzzing or the radio going beep boop, people entertained themselves in more creative ways.

That was the spirit that Techesmakers Resort co-owners Vincent Teoh and Renee Chong wanted to recapture during Oamaru’s annual heritage celebrations.

Those who ventured out to the resort could take a tour of the grounds, but were also invited to take part in a painting competition.

Mr Teoh said painting used to be a pastime, as there was no television to turn on every night.

The competition was a way to revive the spirit of painting for enjoyment, he said.

While the definition of "painting" was stretched to include a few other mediums, there was one hard rule — you had to paint something at Teschemakers.

For Fiona Kappely, that something was a vase of flowers.

She admitted using watercolour pencils was cheating a little bit, but it was still in the spirit of the competition.

She always looked forward to the heritage celebrations.

The history behind it was nice, but one element attracted her the most: "Really I just like dressing up".

She had a busy schedule planned out with her friends and family, including a game of croquet followed by the Victorian Garden Party at the Oamaru Public Gardens.

She would also be watching the parade and keeping an eye out for familiar faces tomorrow, then attending the Victorian Fete to end the weekend.

Ms Chong was wearing a crimson dress complete with brooch to give tours of the heritage site, while Mr Teoh had donned a fine top hat and bow tie.

She said it was their first time being in Waitaki for the celebrations and they were excited to be a part of it.

The Oamaru Heritage Celebrations continue until Sunday evening.

The Victorian Fete, organised by Oamaru Whitestone Civic Trust, is on Sunday.