Council keen to clarify policy on roadside trees management

The Waitaki District Council plans to discuss the issue of trees along roadsides to make sure its policy is clear.

The issue was raised recently by North Otago Federated Farmers president Robert Borst.

Mr Borst had received phone calls from people who felt they had been unduly sent letters from the council requesting they cut their trees.

He understood issues with safety, Mr Borst said, and there were some trees that should not be on the roadside, but there were concerns that some of the trees did not affect safety.

It would be a "hell of a barren countryside" if there were not trees on the side of the road, he said.

Mr Borst met council chief executive Michael Ross and assets group manager Neil Jorgensen, and they had indicated they wanted to revisit the issue and reconsider at it, possibly early next year.

When contacted, Mr Jorgensen said there had been some complaints from motorists because trees were close to the road and some notices had been sent to trim overhanging branches.

The other issue was trees planted on roadsides that were not causing safety issues but might in years to come.

The council had now decided to discuss what the best policy should be to manage those trees.

It was hoped to work through that in the New Year to make sure the policy was clear, he said.



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