On the beat

At 9.30pm on Tuesday, two vehicles were travelling towards Queenstown on the Devil's Staircase, when the front vehicle slowed down to pull into a lay-by.

The vehicle following, driven by a 41-year-old Kingston woman, failed to slow down sufficiently, which resulted in a collision with the front vehicle, also driven by a Kingston woman. No injuries were reported. Sergeant Steve Watt said it was likely the following vehicle's driver would be issued an infringement notice.

• At 3am on Wednesday, Queenstown police were visited by a French couple who had driven from Glenorchy in fear of a "drunk lady" who had knocked on their door but did not pose any other threat. The couple had been staying at the Glenorchy Hotel and received a knock on their door from an intoxicated woman, whom they told to leave. The woman went away but the couple decided to leave Glenorchy and drive to the Queenstown police station. Sergeant Steve Watt said he was not sure where the couple went after their visit to the station and the incident was not followed up by police.

• At 6.30pm on Wednesday, a 20-year-old Mexican man was given a pre-charge warning for trespassing at Fresh Choice.

The man had been given a trespass notice on an earlier occasion.




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