Debut dual show

Photo by James Beech
Photo by James Beech

Queenstown artists and pals Emma Butler (left), holding her oil on canvas Sunshine (2013), and Kathryn Pender, holding her mixed-media Splash (2013), have teamed up to present their debut dual exhibition, which opens to the public today from 5pm to 7pm.

The talented world-travellers are members of the Queenstown Art Society and said yesterday their shared passion for primary colours and the sense of positive energy in their work made them natural partners for the joint exhibition, ''On a High'', at the Cloakroom Gallery, on the corner of Stanley and Ballarat Sts.

Ms Butler, originally from England, will display 15 pieces from her popular Ruby series and her new oil-on-canvas series, Porcelaina. Ms Pender, originally from Scotland, also unveils 15 pieces from her ''underwater phase'', where she captured the nature and power of water, as witnessed on her journeys around the South Island.

The artists will attend the opening of ''On a High'' tonight. The exhibition will be open daily until February 28.

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