Flying fox gains approval for amendment to venture

Ziptrek has been given approval by the Queenstown Lakes District Council for an amended version of its flying fox adventure activity, after another run-in with neighbouring company Skyline Enterprises.

Ziptrek had already been granted lease of council land and a licence to operate on Bob's Peak, and had planned for its sixth and final cable to end at a platform on a specific tree close to the Skyline gondola base terminal.

This tree had been cut down by Skyline, which effectively prevented Ziptrek from finishing its construction within the current consent.

Lakes Property Services manager Joanne Conroy told the Community Services Committee on Tuesday Skyline Enterprises had asked permission to cut down the tree.

"Skyline said it was to prevent the tree falling on the gondola line. I granted the permission, as I thought it was within Skyline's lease," she said.

Ziptrek sought council approval for a temporary solution to allow them to open before Christmas.

Meanwhile, the planned cable lines and the terminal platform could be re-engineered, and a new council permission sought.

It asked to be allowed to guide its customers from the end of the fourth cable line, along a short walking track.

The committee granted the approval for temporary use of the walking track.


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