New school attire uniformly popular

Supply has fully caught up with the demand from pupils for the new uniforms at Wakatipu High School, with the new design of neck tie expected to be available in term two.

Principal Steve Hall said last week correctly sized girls' skirts were the last revamped garments to be made available for sale after the new uniforms were introduced at the start of the year.

All year 9s were to wear the new ensemble, while years 10 to 12 were allowed to replace old clothes for new garments throughout the year.

However, the school community has been surprised by how quickly pupils wanted to make the switch and stocks of some items ran out, until last week.

The school logo has also been simplified, with multiple colours narrowed down to light and dark blues and gold, but the motto remains the same: Ad Alta, or ''Reach for your heights''.

''The kids have been really positive about the new uniform,'' Mr Hall said.

''A lot of time and effort has gone into them and I constantly get comments about how good they look.''

He said the cost of the new uniform had been kept as affordable as possible.

''We understand uniforms are a considerable expense for many families and we've been mindful of cost from the start.

''We chose garments which will last, so a second-hand market will develop.''


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