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The Wanaka Rowing Club's long-running quest for a suitable waterside site for its proposed boat shed is on hold until after the rowing season, committee member Nick Blennerhassett says.

At a recent committee meeting, the club resolved to delay further investigation of its boat-shed options until March or April, when the season wraps up.

In April, the Wanaka Community Board backed the club's latest bid to build a boat shed near Morrows Mead, a site first investigated in 2009. However, concerns lingered, both from a public and a club point of view, about the lack of vehicle access to the site.

''We need access all the way to the boat shed, really,'' Ms Blennerhassett said.

''There's still a mixed opinion [within the club] about Morrows Mead ... the western shore of the lake is where we'd like to be and we just have to really think through the options of which site we want to be on and what's going to work.''

The club's battle to find a shed site next to the lake,

to replace its rented shed at the Upper Clutha showgrounds, has been well-publicised since plans were released more than two years ago for a preferred site on the shores of Roys Bay, about 100m beyond the start of the Millennium Track.

The club later withdrew an application for a lease over a site next to Stoney Creek, because of objections from neighbours. Plans to build at Eely Point were then abandoned because of safety concerns over lake user conflicts and the club set its sights back on the western shore.


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