Drivers not slowing down near school buses

Queenstown police fear it's just a matter of time before a school pupil is hit by a speeding motorist after a week-long operation focusing on school bus safety.

Sergeant Steve Watt says six infringement notices were issued over five days to drivers who did not slow down to 20kmh while passing a stationary school bus.

Fines ranged from $80 to $230 - indicating speeds between 31km and 50kmh.

The drivers were also given between 20 and 35 demerit points.

Sgt Watt said drivers were clocked speeding at various locations around the Wakatipu, including Frankton Road, Arthurs Point and Arrowtown.

"Obviously, it's a bit of a concern to us with winter approaching. It's quite dark in the mornings and kids are hard enough to see.

"Given conditions over the last couple of weeks the likelihood of a kid shooting out, not being seen and being hit by a motorist is [high].''



Yes I am often giving the slow down signal to drivers who don't seem notice the school signs.
Maybe if the bus drivers remembered to close the school bus signs when they park all night in the bus stops (note stops.. not parks)... people would notice them more. And less people would have to emergency brake behind me when I slow down for the signs at 6pm.