Lucky long weekend for 3 Lakes district Lotto players

Most people felt lucky just having a three-day weekend.

But three Lakes district Lotto players had an extra-lucky weekend after winning big on tickets bought in Queenstown and Wanaka.

A Lotto ticket bought at Wakatipu New World in Queenstown won $1million in Saturday's first-division live Lotto draw, and two Strike Four players won $100,000 each after buying tickets at Paper Plus Wanaka.

The million-dollar question floating around the resorts yesterday was, are the winners locals or tourists?

A Wakatipu New World spokeswoman said talk was rife around Queenstown as to who the new millionaire could be.

''It could be anybody. It could be a tourist, it could be somebody passing through or somebody who hasn't even checked their tickets yet and doesn't even know.

''We've had a few chats around the store about whether it's a local or a tourist. I reckon there's a 50:50 chance it could be either.

''Personally, I don't really think it matters whether it's a local or a tourist. Everyone is a winner, when you think about it.''

She said there would be an influx of customers visiting the store to buy their Lotto tickets, in the hope the store's ''increased luckiness'' would rub off and help them win $1 million too.

''We're a winner because we're associated with it, the person who receives the million is a winner, and the people on the other end who have been non-winners are still winners because the money goes back to charity.

''It's brilliant.''

A Lotto spokeswoman said the prizes had not yet been claimed.

Powerball was not struck on Saturday and has rolled over to Wednesday night, when the jackpot will be $18 million.


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