New plans for site 'too broad'

A planned golf course near Arrowtown has been abandoned in favour of establishing an orchard, nursery and vineyard on the land.

But, before it will issue the requested certificate of compliance for the 158.8ha site, the Queenstown Lakes District Council wants more information about the plans of Hogans Gully Farming Ltd.

The company initially planned to create an 18-hole championship-standard golf course, club house and associated facilities and 96 residential units on the site, bounded by McDonnell Rd, State Highway 6 and Hogans Gully Rd, but the resource consent application was declined by independent commissioners earlier this year.

Last Tuesday, the company requested the council issue the certificate under the Resource Management Act for activities including orchard, nursery and vineyard plantings, and ''related operational activities'', ploughing, irrigation, shelterbelt planting and ''planting greener grasses''.

No commercial activities were planned on the site.

Under the Act, the council must issue the certificate if the activity can be done lawfully in the location without resource consent.

But senior planner Alex Dunn said in an email last week the application as it stood was ''too broad''.

No plans were provided with the new application to show locations for the planned activities and while ''potentially permitted activities'' were listed, there were no details.

He queried what ''related operational activities'' were in respect of the nursery and said those operations generally involved greenhouses and other buildings to store associated equipment.

Mr Dunn also questioned if there were existing buildings on site to be used for nursery planting. If so, that was likely to require consents for ''external operations, etc''.

Hogans Gully Farming Ltd is owned by Sir John Davies' company Trojan Holdings Ltd.

Sir John could not be reached for comment.

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