Underwater champion

Photo: Ben Jaffares.
Photo: Ben Jaffares.
Queenstown freediver Kathryn Nevatt (38), pictured with men's freedive champion Guy Brew, from Titahi Bay, has retained her national freediving champion title.

The Queenstown architect won the title at the Splash Freediving New Zealand Pool Nationals held in Auckland last weekend.

Participants competed acoss three disciplines, but a strong static breath hold time of 6min 45sec secured Nevatt the women's title.

She is a former world champion in static apnoea.

The national title is decided by a combination of points from three swimming pool-based events.

In static apnoea the diver lies face-down in the water and holds their breath as long as possible.

In dynamics, a distance based event, divers swim lengths underwater in a 50m pool as far as possible on a single breath using a monofin, a large fin that resembles a mermaid's tail. Nevatt swam 181m.

Thirdly, in dynamics without fins, divers swim underwater breaststroke as far as they can on a single breath. Nevatt, a former world record holder in this event, managed 143m. 

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