South missing out on funding: Nats

Andrew Falloon
Andrew Falloon

National says it is ‘‘staggering’’ that so far less than 5% of the Government’s regional development funding has been earmarked for the South Island, while Northland has been promised nearly half the money.

‘‘The mainland accounts for 30% of New Zealand’s regional population,’’ National South Island regional development spokesman Andrew Falloon said.

‘‘By contrast, Northland makes up less than 7% of our regional population.’’

Mr Falloon said Regional Development Minister Shane Jones was ‘‘taking money off taxpayers in every other region in the country to hand around in Northland’’.


Seems to me the current mob are keeping up with the spending habits of their predecessors. When it comes to government money its Auckland 1st, 2nd and 3rd, the rest of the North Island then if there's some left splash a bit in the south.

There maybe a new government, but the same old bureaucrats are driving them.



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