Way to grow

Photo: Luisa Girao
Photo: Luisa Girao
She may only be 7 years old, but Ayanna Booker says planting trees is not a new activity for her.

The home-schooled girl yesterday helped volunteers from the Invercargill City Council, Department of Conservation and Bluff Hill Motupohue Environment Trust to plant 236 trees as part of the council's ''Discover our Parks'' events.

''I planted four trees today. It's really nice and fun - the best part is playing with the soil.''

The Bluff pupil said she gave each tree a name.

''I named one Cornelia because it has a pointed twig - like the 'corn' of unicorn.''

Bluff Hill Motupohue Environment Trust trustee Nikki Ladd said it was a great opportunity for the community to get involved.

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