Drink-driving charges as police warn of conditions

Road policing was front of mind for police this week.

Five people were charged with excess breath-alcohol offences last weekend and snowy conditions sparked warnings to take extra care on the roads.

Senior Sergeant Fiona Roberts told reporters the police impairment prevention team would be back in Wanaka this week.

Of note last weekend was a driver on the snowy Lindis Pass who recorded a breath-alcohol level of 400mcg but claimed not to have had anything to drink since the night before.

"Expect to see police patrols anytime, anywhere.

"Our staff will be out on roads, often in locations you least expect us to be, so please take your time and drive to the conditions."

Snr Sgt Roberts warned the changeable winter conditions created more road hazards, such as black ice or fog.

Motorists should watch their speed, extend their following distances and carry chains and know how to fit them, especially if they planned to drive over the Crown Range.

"Even when speed doesn’t cause the crash, it is the single biggest determinant in whether anyone is killed, injured, or walks away unharmed.

"A small change in speed makes a big difference to injury severity in a crash — for you and everyone else involved", Snr Sgt Roberts said.

Motorists can sign up to the online Queenstown Lakes District Council winter roading reports at qldc.govt.nz