Perfect Woman next step up from 'The Block NZ'

Two television contestants will join more than 20 other competitors vying for the title of the perfect woman in Wanaka this weekend.

Niki Osborne (left) and Tiffany Mair.
Niki Osborne (left) and Tiffany Mair.

Tiffany Mair and Niki Osborne, who appeared on the television show The Block NZ this year, will take part in this year's Perfect Woman competition starting on Saturday.

Organiser Stew Burt said he had heard through a friend of Ms Mair, who is originally from Wanaka, that she was interested in taking part.

"We always try and get some sort of celebrity to take part whether it is judging or one of the girls competing,'' Mr Burt said.

Both Ms Mair and Ms Osborne did not want any special treatment, he said.

"I did say to them that we could see if there was a way to get them a place in the finals on Sunday but they said no, they don't want any help.''

Mr Burt said there were a few final details left to sort out before the competition started.

There would be one or two new events this year but they would be kept a secret until the competition started, he said

"I think it's better if the girls find out at the weekend what the events will be. It keeps them guessing a bit.''

During the two-day competition, contestants will be tested on practical skills such as backing a trailer, straining fence wire and making a batch of scones.

Those who make it through the final round will compete in more specialised tasks such as jet-boat driving, building a fence and domestic activities.

The winner will receive $1000 in prize money and the title of Perfect Woman 2016.

The competition also doubles as a fundraiser for the Canlive Cancer Trust, which was founded by Mr Burt and his late wife, Liz.

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