QLDC urged to adopt stronger strategy on climate

Organisers of an information drop-in session about the Queenstown Lakes District Council's draft climate strategy say it does not go far enough and needs to be strengthened.

Members of ONE New Zealand, Extinction Rebellion and Protect our Winters hosted the informal drop-in session at the Lake Wanaka Hotel in Wanaka this week.

Spokeswoman Monique Kelly said the motivation behind the session was to get people together to talk about the strategy and also to help anyone struggling with the submission process.

Her view was that the council climate draft policy was only a first step and it needed to be expanded to include a steering committee which had "teeth" and that the council had to adhere to set targets.

"There are huge gaps in this document. We need more data, we need climate change to be properly funded and we need to make sure the policy is not just a green tick."

Council climate change policy adviser Patricia McLean also attended the drop-in session and said it was a great opportunity to talk to people and get their views.

So far, the council had received 33 submissions but she expected many more would be arrive before the August 31 closing date.

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