Work on clearing slip continues

There is still no timetable for the removal of the landslip which has closed Lakeside Rd in Wanaka for the past five days.

The developers of the Marina Terrace Apartments and their contractors are still trying to dewater and stabilise the site the slip came from, but it is taking longer than expected.

The site is now stable enough for the footpath beneath the slip to be open but it is still not known when the road will be reopened.

Water levels and flow rates at the site were being assessed hourly.

Queenstown Lakes District Council communications manager Naell Crosby-Roe said the council was working with the developer to establish a safe means of opening the road and had emphasised the need to get it open as quickly as possible.

Work to clear and reopen the road could only begin once the site was sufficiently stable and there was no risk of further slips.

The council had hired Opus International engineers to work with the Geosolve engineers already on site.

They would independently assess the situation and review the Geosolve evaluations and recommendations.


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