Between you and me

Alan Key Gore fishing advocate

What are you watching and why?

Country Calendar on TVNZ One, because it’s about New Zealand, and it’s honest and non-violent entertainment.

What are you reading and why?

Because of my work as a fishing advocate for Fish Mainland, I’m mostly reading articles about fisheries and fishing methods both overseas and in New Zealand. It’s my passion.

What are you listening to and why?

I enjoy the sound of silence, and the birds singing in the trees.

Favourite weekend pastime?

Fishing. Sea-fishing in particular, although anything really, as long as I have a rod in my hand. And not just at weekends, either ...

Favourite place in Gore and why?

In my shed at home, because it’s quiet, and I have everything I need to fix things up. I recently finished the latest in a line of vintage cars, and now I’m on to some old diesel heaters.