Pivotal years of ‘Exodus’ explored

Bob Marley: One Love is an enjoyable representation of the life of the king of reggae.

Anyone interested in a biographical look at Bob Marley’s life will be pleasantly surprised by this film.

It really dives into the pivotal years of when he made the Exodus album.

The film has a lot of heart — it’s a real tear-jerker — but it also has a really warm and beautiful ending.

Bob Marley is played by Kingsley Ben-Adir, who prepared for the movie while on the set of the Barbie film.

He does a good job at portraying Marley and is believable for the most part.

Likewise, Lashana Lynch, herself of Jamaican descent, is wonderful as Marley’s wife Rita.

Understandably it is a tough ask to fit in every important and pivotal moment in Marley’s life.

The decision to focus on a singular period in his life pays off, resulting in a well-paced film that fits in a lot without bloating the run time.

The film does shy away from addressing anything that might be deemed controversial in Marley’s life,

but honestly, a film bio-pic about his life is allowed to miss those parts because there is both not enough time and not enough interest, to be honest.

To summarise, I would call this a by-the-numbers biopic that sheds little new light on a global icon but features a wicked good performance from Ben-Adir.