Broom hitches wagon to US Premier League cricket

Neil Broom
Neil Broom
Former Black Cap and Otago cricketer Neil Broom has "joined forces" with a United States Premier League franchise.

The 40-year-old, who retired in 2022, hopes the relationship will deliver opportunities for the region’s best young talent.

He runs a cricket academy in Dunedin and has played the odd game since calling time on his career in New Zealand.

The right-hander has made several trips to the US to play for the Maryland Mavericks and has inked a deal with them, linking his academy to the franchise.

"Cricket is just getting bigger and bigger over in the States and they’ve signed a few academies, including mine," Broom said.

The Mavericks have asked Broom to identify some players who would be capable of playing in the competitions there and also attending cricket camps.

Broom has tentative plans to travel to the US during the New Zealand winter to continue networking.

He said the standard of cricket had improved greatly there in just a few years.

"You think about the likes of the Hugo Bogues and guys like that, who are in and around that Otago under-19 set-up, they’d be good enough to play in the US Premier League.

"That would be a fantastic opportunity, wouldn’t it."