Lisa Carrington signals commitment to Paris Olympics

Lisa Carrington. Photo by Getty
Lisa Carrington. Photo by Getty Images
New Zealand's most successful Olympian Lisa Carrington has signalled her commitment to compete at a fourth Games.

The three-time Tokyo gold medalist posted a picture to social media saying "the next adventure awaits...Paris 2024."

It was speculated before the Japan Olympics that Carrington could retire, after more than a decade on the scene, though her long-time coach Gordon Walker told the Herald in June that he would be surprised if she did, given her potential for growth and further achievements.

Carrington became New Zealand's greatest Olympian in the Japanese capital, overcoming a seemingly impossible schedule to take gold in the K1 200m, K1 500m and K2 500m (with Caitlin Regal), increasing her overall tally to six medals (five gold and one bronze).

Since the 2012 Olympics Carrington has been involved in 29 per cent of the 17 gold medals achieved by this country.

Speaking to the Herald earlier this month, Carrington said she was dedicated to continuous improvement.

"I don't really want to go back and just do what I just did," said Carrington. "I know that it requires more, so to really have fulfilment and to have integrity I would need to continue the path of pushing for more; the high expectation, the pressure, just knowing what it takes is a lot and being prepared to do that and figuring out how I can channel that will be something to consider.

"Am I prepared to continue to reassess what I know – and to be challenged on it more? That is how you can get better."

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