Taekwondo: Brothel owner violating Olympic ideals, NZOC says

An athlete's plans to finance his 2012 Olympic Games bid from proceeds of an Auckland brothel may be doomed.

The New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) has advised taekwondo exponent Logan Campbell he is violating the Olympic movement's values, TV3 News reported tonight.

The NZOC has written to Campbell, threatening legal action.

"Based on the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect, we would place your actions as totally inconsistent with these values," the NZOC said.

"Your open solicitation of clients for your business while using the Olympics or Olympian connection must cease immediately." Campbell, who finished in the top 16 in the featherweight division at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, established a "high-class gentleman's club" with a friend in Auckland this year.

The build-up to his Beijing campaign had cost about $150,000, most of which came from his parents, and he hoped to earn $300,000 by 2011 to fund his bid for the 2012 Games.

Campbell said his business and fundraising efforts were legitimate.

"We are not forcing anyone to be here. They are here of their own free will." If Campbell continued to use the Olympic connection to publicise the brothel his chances of being selected for the Games would get the red light, TV3 said.

The NZOC considered Campbell's use of his business as an Olympic fundraiser was nothing more than a smokescreen to gain publicity for the brothel.

But Campbell pointed out he ran a legal business and threatened legal action of his own.


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