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Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
A senior Auckland doctor has been immediately stood down pending an investigation by his employer into vile, anti-Islamic rants posted on the right-wing blog Whale Oil.

The medical professional, who is employed by an Auckland practice and believed to use the blog name Mac Doctor, is being investigated in connection with a number of offensive blogs criticising Muslims and comparing them to people in Nazi Germany.

"Liberals caution us not to blame the Muslim taxi driver or the Muslim primary school teacher but they ARE to blame. Their very silence and inertia condemns them," Mac Doctor wrote.

He has practised medicine for decades in a number of countries.

In another post, Mac Doctor said: "Stop all Muslim immigration until you are satisfied you have adequate ways of telling the genuine from the jihadi flakes."

A number of people viewing the posts, written well before the Christchurch mosque attacks on March 15, contacted The New Zealand Herald in disgust.

The posts are still online.

After the Herald approached the medical centre for comment yesterday morning, an internal investigation was launched.

In a statement, a spokeswoman from centre said management had met with the doctor and he had been immediately stood down from his responsibilities while an inquiry was conducted.

"The only thing we are able to tell you at this time is that it appears that [the doctor] made these comments two years ago in response to an international incident," the spokesperson told the Herald.

The spokeswoman said the medical centre served a diverse community of patients and totally rejected any prejudicial sentiments.

"Given we are now conducting a thorough investigation we are unable to provide any further information at this time," the spokesperson said.

The Herald made several attempts to contact the doctor, but was told he would not be commenting while the investigation was under way.


Entitled to Free Speech, but not immoderate rant, if you're a medical professional from the top end of town.