On the floor: Die!Die!Die! alive and kicking

Dunedin band Die!Die!Die! spends much of its time offshore, in either the United States or the United Kingdom.

However, the band is now recording an album and has been taking some time out.

Not keen on standing still for too long, Die!Die!Die! began a nationwide tour, in Christchurch on Wednesday, and plays at Chicks Hotel tonight.

During the band's recent UK tour, Die!Die!Die! played at a bunch of large festivals, including Stag and Dagger, Great Escape, and the Camden Crawl in London.

To see the band, fans are reported to have queued in a line reaching around a city block for more than half an hour.

Drummer Michael Prain says the band did, however, have one run-in with the law, but it seems the band won.

"On our way to perform in Newcastle, an unfortunate misunderstanding led to the band's tour van being seized by police in Leeds."

A plea for help was posted by the band on the internet. Fans came through, and the band made it to the gig, and eventually had their van returned.

The story was picked up by NME.com and led to the band's single Sideways getting radio play on BBC2 after the news story broke.

The website reported that the band was left stranded at Ferrybridge Services between Pontefract and Knottingly "after their van was impounded due to drummer Mickey Prain being too young to legally drive it".

The website passed on the band's plea for someone who was "aged over 32 and holds a D1 drivers' licence" to pick them up and help them get to their next gig, in Newcastle.

The band is tipped to be jet-setting again once the new album is in the can.

See them -

Die!Die!Die! plays at Chicks tonight with Piece War and Bad Sav.


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