Behind Garage Doors - Winteringham Collection

The search for hidden treasures is on and collectors are not a rarity in Otago and Southland.  ‘Behind Garage Doors’is a series ,as the name suggests, looks behind garage doors at what people collect. The show was originally conceived by co sponsor Gerald Orr, Manager of Garador Dunedin, who has been in the building industry for many years and witnessed many fascinating things that people collect and keep within their homes. Collecting is a very popular past time or habit for some and can form lifelong searches for the perfect item or prized feature piece.

Invercargill collectors Stephen Winteringham and his daughter Francie who are well known in the motorcycle community for the Burt Munro beach race. The Winteringham collection includes several items of Burt Munro memorabilia including trophies and relics of New Zealand’s motorcycle history.




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