Around the world in 80 tales - Africa

Originally form the waringi tribe near Kondoa in the Northern part of Tanzania, Shukuru grew up as one of 6 siblings. She always wanted to leave her village and is the only member of her family to have left Africa.

Shukuru’s native language is Swahili and her name means “thank-you”. Her mother picked this name when her father passed away unexpectedly during the pregnancy, giving thanks to the blessing of having her.

Shukuru came to New Zealand at age 23, having met her husband Neil, a visiting New Zealand fisherman. They have one teenage son.

She loves to run and to dance, and describes herself as always happy and everyone who’s ever met her agrees.

If you are ever driving the roads of the Otago Peninsula, make sure to wave to the smiling, colourfully dressed runner that’s trailed by her friendly three-legged dog, Bart.

Shukuru has been fundraisng for her old school of 1,000 pupils and her story tells of her abundant energy, charisma and concern for her African family.

— Shikuru Munroe

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