Condensing boiler offers cleaner, efficient central heating

Last week, Stephen Grant visited Otago from Ireland to talk about the efficient Vortex condensing boiler he invented.

The Vortex exceeds New Zealand’s emission requirements.
The Vortex exceeds New Zealand’s emission requirements.

At expos in Dunedin and Queenstown, the founder of Grant Engineering spoke to rooms full of plumbers about the benefits of his product, and of central heating compared to other heating methods.


David Ronayne, the South Island technical sales manager from New Zealand’s Waterware, accompanied Stephen on the visit.


‘‘In Europe, 90% of homes have central heating, while in New Zealand it is 5%,’’ he says. ‘‘We still heat rooms, we don’t heat homes.’’


However, with the industry and homeowners becoming ever more aware of the need for efficient, and cleaner, heating solutions, that approach is gradually changing.


Renovations of older houses remain popular, and David says an increasing number of people are choosing to retrofit recycled radiators. These require new piping and boilers.


Also, a lot of new-build homes are being future-proofed with the addition of underfloor piping in preparation for the installation of central heating at a later date.

The Grant Engineering Vortex condensing boiler range is ideal for both scenarios.


Grant Vortex condensing boiler inventor Stephen Grant addressing Dunedin plumbers last Monday.
Grant Vortex condensing boiler inventor Stephen Grant addressing Dunedin plumbers last Monday.
Since Stephen formed the company in 1978, Grant Engineering has become a market-leader in diesel-fired condensing boilers, with numerous awards to their name.


‘‘It is one of the premium products, one of the better condensing boilers on the market,’’ David says.


‘‘The CO levels are so good it exceeds all of the requirements for Canterbury, which is the hardest part of the country to get products into. In Dunedin the level is not that high, but it will get there.’’


Waterware are the distributors for Grant Engineering in New Zealand, and they work with professionals in the plumbing industry, who are the best qualified to install the central heating products.


Last week’s expos were an opportunity for those in the industry to increase their knowledge base about the benefits of efficient modern central heating.


In a well-insulated home, central heating will prove a far more cost-efficient heating method than others commonly used in New Zealand, and will heat the whole home rather than just one area.


David says that due to these savings, Grant Engineering’s Vortex condensing boilers pay for themselves within four years.

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