First digital hospital a step closer

New Zealand’s next generation digital hospital is a step closer following the Southern District Health Board’s release of a ‘Request for Information’ document to local and international digital providers.

Executive Director People Culture & Technology, Mike Collins, says the technology underpinning the New Dunedin Hospital will make a positive difference in the lives of patients and staff across the Southern region.

“We envisage a future where patients receive timely, quality care enabled by paper-light processes. Patients will have greater access to information and will receive more services in the home and in the community. And with staff having role-based access to medical information, the patient experience will have greater continuity and be more personalised.

“This Request for Information is the chance to hear from digital and IT companies, and learn more about the ideas and opportunities that are available for transforming our health system and improving experiences for our patients and staff.”

The Southern healthcare system will be highly mobile and paper light, with resilient and accessible systems that make efficient use of time, encourage interaction and are adaptable to future models of care.

“We envisage an empowering health system that will provide greater connectivity between patients and clinicians, enhanced flexibility for patients, more use of telehealth services, and a hospital that will feature automated check-in, intuitive wayfinding and state-of-the-art technology.”

Accordingly, the SDHB has an ambitious goal to receive Level 6 accreditation from the international HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) best practice benchmarking system.

The security of the digital systems is also a top priority.

“Security and privacy are two of our critical digital architecture principles, and we will work with the successful vendors to ensure that best-practice security standards are met.”

Mr Collins stresses that although Southern DHB is looking for the most robust, reliable and innovative technology solutions, the focus is on improving the patient and staff experience and valuing their time.

“We’ve held listening sessions with patients and staff to ensure that we’re designing a people-led system, and feedback from staff members and community stakeholders has informed the digital blueprint.”


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