How’s your home? Housing survey

A warm, dry home is fundamental to good health – and Public Health South wants to better understand the housing situation in the Southern district.
Its new housing survey - How’s your home? – aims to identify housing needs – starting initially in Central Otago but looking elsewhere in Southland and Otago.
“Housing issues can expose people to a number of health risks,” says Southern DHB Medical Officer of Health, Dr Marion Poore. “Understanding our housing needs is the first step to improving housing, which helps reduce injury and disease, improve quality of life and even saves lives.”
Open to all residents of the Southern district, the survey is anonymous and takes just three to four minutes to complete. Participants can enter to win one of three $100 petrol vouchers. Closes May 6th.
• Structurally deficient housing increases the risk of injury
• Expensive or short-tenured housing is stressful
• Cold, damp and draughty homes contribute to cardiovascular and respiratory problems
• Crowded housing increases risk of exposure to infectious disease
• Air pollution – from inefficient domestic burners using coal and wet wood – harms respiratory and cardiovascular health, and may trigger allergies and asthma
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