Preliminary design for Outpatient Building


Artist Impression Only
Artist Impression Only
We have now reached the end of the Preliminary design phase for the new hospital’s Outpatient Building, and are moving into the Developed and Detailed design phases.

The new hospital will be made up of three buildings – an Inpatient Building, an Outpatient Building, and a staff pavilion that will connect them. The Outpatient Building will be completed first, in 2025, with the Inpatient Building opening in 2028.

SDHB Chief Executive Chris Fleming says the Outpatient Building represents the future of healthcare.

“While it may look like the small sibling of the enormous Inpatient Building that is to come, in some ways the Outpatient Building is both the most strategic, and symbolic, aspect of the new build,” he says.

“The community-facing concept reflects a decoupling of the specialist care delivered by our clinical experts, and the setting in which healthcare professionals provide it. It will enable even greater focus on connecting with communities, using technologies, and delivering care closer to home.”

Mr Fleming says he is pleased to see that SDHB staff have embraced the spirit of innovation.

“Hospital and healthcare staff are already engaging with new models of care, and are repositioning their services to prepare for the community-focused, technology-enabled health system ahead.”


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