Amy Marslin and Michaela Ryan - Solomons

Two of the partners at Solomons, one of Otago's oldest law firms, Amy Marslin and Michaela Ryan have forged their own path, through a shared vision of a culture and environment where their team could feel inspired.

"We joined Solomons in 2017 with several key colleagues. We had a growing sense of wanting to do something different, not just follow the traditional pathway,'' Michaela says.

"For us, it has been about creating the right opportunity for ourselves and our families,'' Amy says. "Culture is at the forefront of all our decision making, as we look to grow Solomons in to the future,'' she says.

And that growth to date has already surpassed their expectations. Since joining the firm in 2017, the team has grown significantly in size and has seen them recently move in to a larger purpose-designed modern space on Bond Street in the exchange - "a nod to Dunedin's history by setting up office in its former commercial hub,'' Amy says.

"It was an opportunity to re-think how a law firm works, and how we can bring a fresh perspective through use of technology,'' Michaela says. "It has provided a new sense of identity for our firm and our team. We've all invested so much in to the growth of our firm and to see the lights go up on Solomons House was a hugely proud moment for us all, a celebration of the commitment of all past and present partners.''

"We set out to create an environment and culture where our team, male and female, can develop their own professional pathways,'' Amy says.

"It's about supporting our team in their lives - we have an exceptional team, all balancing so much - working, parenting, studying, and contributing to our community through governance roles. This all requires a bit of flexibility,'' Michaela says.

For Amy and Michaela, whose business partnership was founded on a friendship that began in high school, international women's day instils a sense of pride.

"Our region had the first female lawyers in this country. Now, we are surrounded by women in leadership roles throughout our local business community. They've all forged their own paths. That's something Amy and I are really inspired by,'' Michaela says.

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