Facial ID an option for Commonwealth Games

The man in charge of Queensland police's handling of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games says facial-recognition technology is one of many security measures being considered for the event.

Assistant Commissioner Peter Crawford says despite a media report that the Australian Federal Police will use the technology in an attempt to stop potential terrorists reaching public or sports venues, the use of facial-recognition is only being considered at this stage.

"This technology is constantly evolving," Asst Comm Crawford said on Friday.

"No decisions have been made regarding how and where this technology will be deployed."

Mr Crawford said the deadly terrorist attack at a concert in Manchester recently had prompted the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Coporation (Goldoc), Queensland Police and Australian Government agencies to meet in Canberra on Friday for a security review.

Goldoc head of security Danny Baade said recent world events were always being assessed by Games security planners.

"Goldoc and other security partners including the Queensland Police and Australian Government have been planning for the types of incidents that have occurred in London, Manchester and Europe," Mr Baade said.

"A range of safety and security strategies are being considered and will be deployed for the Games. Some of these strategies will be obvious to the community, for example, the use of airport-style screening at the entry of all venues."

A News Corp report claimed faces of suspects would be identified among crowds on trains, trams and buses during the 11-day event next April and trigger a rapid response from police and military deployed to protect the 1.5 million spectators.

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