Answers sought over 'awful' duck deaths

The ducks were found dead in Helensburgh on Tuesday afternoon. Photo: Thames Haldane/Facebook
The ducks were found dead in Helensburgh on Tuesday afternoon. Photo: Thames Haldane/Facebook
A Dunedin resident is calling for information about the "awful'' death of four ducks in the Helensburgh area.

Thames Haldane said she was driving on Wakari Rd this afternoon when she saw a mother duck and three older ducklings dead in a patch of grass. 

"At first I thought maybe someone had shot them.''

After closer inspection and asking people on social media she concluded they were more likely beaten or killed by dogs.

The scene was "awful'', she said.

"I started crying. It's a really busy area so people were looking at me weirdly. I didn't know what to do.''

She had seen the ducks "playing in the sun'' just the day before. 

"Four of them were dead, there were only two babies left.''

Ms Haldane posted pictures on social media to see if anyone had any information on the incident.

She also contacted the Dunedin City Council and was told by a staff member there was not much it could do except remove the bodies.

The ducks in the area were "super friendly'', she said.

"Us and our neighbours all feed the ducks. It's easy to get them to come to you.''

If their death was intentional there should be justice, she said.

"I'm such an animal lover. I just don't know why someone would be doing that.''

SPCA Otago animal welfare director Jeff Herkt said nothing had been reported to the organisation about the incident.

"It's always tricky. If there was an eye witness we'd certainly look into it. If someone had done it deliberately.''

It would be illegal to shoot the birds in that area, he said.


It is awful. Yet we are encouraged to support the cruel deaths of animals. For sport, food, conservation and financial gain. I hope this article makes people at least think twice about the animal deaths they are supporting.