Bain wants murder weapon back

David Bain reportedly wants the rifle he was accused of using to kill his parents and three siblings in Dunedin in 1994.

Bain, 37, was cleared of the murder charges in June after a long retrial in the High Court in Christchurch.

He had spent 13 years in prison after originally being convicted of the killings in 1995.

One News reported tonight that Bain lawyer Helen Cull had confirmed that after the retrial the defence team applied to get many of the 500 exhibits - including the rifle.

She added they did so to ensure that the exhibits were not destroyed or lost.

But questions about what happens to the exhibits, currently still in Christchurch, and who owns what, might not be settled for some time.

One News said the prosecution was holding on to the exhibits until Bain's claim for compensation for his time in jail had been dealt with.

There was also a possibility of a second inquest into the Bain deaths.

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