Best of YouTube: Amazing Dunedin parkour

To most of its residents Dunedin is just a city. But to these guys it's one big playground. 

While the average citizen may manage a lunchtime walk, Dunedin's Pro-Motion parkour group aren't satisfied with that.

No, this group of crazies can't go to bed happy at night unless they've somersaulted over picnic tables, backflipped off trees, run up a few walls or leapt over the scary gaps between buildings.

There are also slightly crazy people getting upside down in the St Clair surf.

It's good to be proud of what you're good at. Even if it's freaky dancing or doing cartwheels through the Botanic Garden. Check out this charming and funny video promoting the Dunedin Pride festival.

The Dunedin Railway Station platform has rarely looked more lovely than this.

Speaking of trains. Here comes a steam engine!

A mirror-like Otago Harbour, a new jetboat. Why wouldn't you want to share it with the world?

If you're going to go Rambo on the bunnies, the key thing is to dress in full camo-gear and lie around like you're staking out an enemy encampment crawling with highly trained enemy operatives. Warning: At least one rabbit appears to have been killed in the making of this video

A weird ghostly ride through a tunnel on the Rail Trail.


Disclaimer: Although the headline says this is the best of YouTube it's actually just a random collection of Dunedin and Otago clips.

If you want to feature in what we hope will be a regular roundup, please email us a link to your clip at We guarantee to boost your views!

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