'Better than Hondas': Lime scooter burnout in Dunedin

Footage of a Lime scooter burnout in Dunedin has been posted on a Facebook group.

Shaey McDonnell filmed the burnout two days ago, on Spencer St, and uploaded it to Facebook, saying the scooter was better than a "Honda".

The Dunedin local says the scooters have been used by a number of people "to do skids and tricks" since they launched in the city last week.

"We don't intend to hurt ourselves," he added.

The video got more than 100 comments in just a few hours on the closed group it was posted to.

While some found the video funny, others thought this is one example of a person's "fun" ruining it for others.



Not a bad burnout for a scooter, but i suspect the Police will have an easier time finding someone to replace the tyre if Lime make a complaint...