Classic quiz results for Logan Park

Logan Geddes
Logan Geddes
"Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of what?" It was a question fired at Logan Park High School year 10 pupils Connor Sherson, Mitchell Henderson, Allyn Robins and James Tregonning during the Otago Classics Junior Quiz held in Dunedin recently.

Like most of us, they initially had no idea what it meant either.

But using common sense, they knew triskaideka was Greek for 13 and worked out the answer was an irrational fear of the number 13.

It was one of many questions the boys answered correctly using common sense and they ended up winning the competition by eight points.

When it comes to classics, the boys spend much of their lunch breaks debating the finer points of Euripides, Aeschylus and Sophocles as comfortably as most people discuss the weather.

"They are interesting stories in classics - they're fascinating. I'd much rather read The Iliad than Harry Potter," Allyn said.

Connor said although the stories were myths, they gave an uncanny insight into human behaviour.

"If you gave an ordinary person on the street absolute power, Greek myths show what happens.

They are like spoilt children - all very entertaining."

Mitchell said the team was delighted with its success, particularly the prize - a book of Greek plays.

"That's great. It's free literature. The plays are disturbing but interesting reading."

The boys said the junior competitors were fierce and ones they knew well.

While there were many schools from around the region in the quiz, they were also competing against many of their fellow pupils at Logan Park High School, who came second and third.

It was the first time the school had "cleaned up" the junior competition.

The school was also first and second in the Otago Senior Classics Quiz, and it was the second year in a row the school had won both sections of the quiz.

Now that the excitement of winning had died down, James said the team was a little disappointed there was no national final of the classics competition to work towards.

Their passion for classics and drive to compete at higher levels has prompted them to consider running their own classics national final.

During the classics quiz, Logan Park pupil Georgina O'Reilly won the year 10 Latin reading competition, and Gareth McMullen and George Wallace (both Logan Park) were first equal in the year 9 Latin reading competition.


Pictured above are Logan Park High School year 10 pupils (from left) Georgina O'Reilly (14), Latin reading winner, and junior classics team James Tregonning (14), Allyn Robins (14), Mitchell Henderson (14) and Connor Sherson (15). Photo by Gerard O'Brien.

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